Ignite 2023: Mangrove Beach

Seeper provided two pieces for the Ignite 2023 Festival in Florida. One was a large-scale mapping piece on the interior of the entrance to the Museum of Discovery and Science , and another interactive piece at the headquarters of MAD Arts, Dania Beach.

For the interactive piece, Mangrove Beach, I repurposed our existing Bio Beach exhibit with new video and audio content, and designed a new context for it, including real sand. The original Bio Beach was part of our Sydney development, which you can see here and, although I designed a large part of that piece, the original interactive was not mine.

Here’s the marketing video I edited for Seeper to illuminate a little further.

I also contributed some work to story boarding the main event and creating interactive details.

Don’t have much footage of the show, but here are some shots. The majority of the work, outside of a very broad outline, was handled externally.