Sealife – Sydney

Sealife Sydney, owned and run by Merlin, was the first aquarium I tackled while at Seeper.

Sea Life Sydney – Day & Night on the Reef

Our work on this project came in two stages; firstly the director, Evan Grant, and myself designed and plotted the entire experience for Day and Night on the Reef, and then created to attraction’s themebook.

Initial experience design
Initial sketch theming and lighting design

As well as overall design and scripting I also produced all the visualisations to show our intentions

The second stage of our work was to design and produce the AV content, and it’s presentation. This was in a variety of ways, from a huge “standing wave” sculpture framing a view into the ocean tank, interactive particle systems showing coral spawning, a growing reef to an interactive, fully projection mapped finale show, illustrating the breeding cycle of a turtle.

Additional video work to come when prepared