Little Big City – Berlin


Seeper recently provided various pieces of AV content for Merlin’s Little Big City model village attraction in Berlin. I was responsible for a large part of the visual and creative side of it including writing the story scripts, storyboarding and concept art/ visualisations, running the art team and bringing together assets from three separate 3D packages to run a material, lighting and rendering pass over the whole thing. It’s been quite hard work.

Here’s a video of first impressions, or so I’m told as I speak very little German (I can count, that’s about it). I only hope they’re saying nice things.



The things in particular in this video are to do with the tall, soviet-style building showing a balloon escaping and people tunnelling, etc.  We made that.

Coco – Interactive exhibit

As part of my work at Seeper, and in conjunction with Jollywise Media, we put together an interactive exhibit to help promote Pixar’s upcoming movie, Coco.

Assets initiated from Pixar and were adapted – and rebuilt where necessary, such as the clothing – to work in Unity, including cloth dynamics. The characters are driven by Kinect, from input of the visitors dancing.


A link to the video on Seeper’s site is here;


Darius Rucker at Nashville Tussauds

Article here

Seeper created an animated, projection-mapped head to sit alongside Darius Rucker’s new waxwork, and explain the sculpting process to visitors.  Footage of Rucker was captured, treated and composited with animated elements to help tell the story, then projection-mapped back on to a specially modified 3D-printed sculpt of his head.

To see the work I did on this project, click here.