Living Figures – Darius Rucker – Attraction Design

Under the creative direction of Olly Venning, the two of us worked on behalf of Seeper to create a “living figure” to complement the new waxwork of Darius Rucker at Madame Tussads, Nashville.

My initial task was to take the digitally scanned head and modify it in Mudbox in order to be suitable to take the projected footage. This was then sent off to be 3D printed.

I then UV mapped the digital version, testing the film footage we had received as part of the process, and painted any parts of the head not covered by the footage to match and blend together.

Under direction from Merlin and based on his spoke script, Olly and I designed the sequence, which I then turned into a storyboard. I also provided various assets and matte paintings to be used as part of the sequence, though the majority of the video work was created by Olly.

Shown here is the “making of” video, created by Merlin, and the storyboard. More work will follow as I extract it.