I’ve done a large amount of visualisation work in attractions, often in a hurry and using various means. Here are a few in no particular order, focusing more on collage and paint-over.

A concept for a “Tall Ships” festival. Got a bit carried away here, I think the size of this installation, involving projection-mapping onto large, temporary sails, would have been structurally unworkable.
Viz for a shadow-screen idea that would mimic the movements of passers-by with a variety of bone-driven characters

On a similar theme for a Bulgari hotel proposal

Not exactly a visualisation, more a series of matte paintings (derived from the top image) to be used as part of a sequence of destruction of the Reichstag building.

A whole series of variations for different augmentations on an incredibly modern building that I completely forget the name or location of (other than Middle-East, I suspect).

An idea for a tunnel of mosquitoes (to be faked, obviously, but ugh!)

Projection proposals for the Green planet building in Dubai. Interestingly, in the street-based images, to the right you can just see Hub Zero which was my first ever attraction design project (shown elsewhere on the site).

Visualisation for projection mapping show we produced for Lincoln Castle

A couple of quick ideas for a Great Fire attraction at London Dungeon (Pudding Lane ignition).

Hi level concept for “Monster ate my building” kind of attraction. Collage and 3D modelling with a surprisingly large amount of paintover (not their real legs, for a start).