Museum of Myths and Legends

This was an attempt to build a modular museum-style attraction, potentially unique to any particular culture. A number of potential attractions were designed, with different skins, and the concept of modular, easily constructed prefab environments that could be configured to fit any space.

These were visualisations of a few original design ideas

There was sufficient interest to actually look at designing a space. Initial plans showed a problem with the initial room set-up proposal.

A later approach had more success looking at fitting the design features into a less wasteful use of the limited space.

This didn’t really go anywhere. A later approach asked us to take the ideas into a larger, more ambitious, open-air space. This visual was created.

I had some fun ideas while working on this about how to pull off some of the features.
There is some interest in pushing thsi currently. Here is a recent marketing video I made for Seeper