Probably by far the favourite game I ever worked on, Crush for Sega was a mind – and space – bending puzzle game created by Zoë Mode (Kuju).

I was Lead Artist on this project, originally for the Sony PSP handheld. I was responsible for the overall look and feel, specific concept art for environment and characters, and the art pipeline to make the whole thing work. A also created the levels for two of the four stages, and hand-drew and coloured all the cut-scene plates. I even contributed to the cover, but…. well, least said about that the better, I think.

Below is a random selection of screenshots, concept art, and cut scene plates all of which I was responsible for creating in their entirety.

The title was later updated for the Nintendo 3DS (renamed Crush3d) and, while I didn’t take the lad role on this project, I did a concept pass to redesign everything to a friendlier, bouncier aesthetic.