Gruffalo River Ride Adventure – Attraction Design

Seeper worked with Scruffy Dog, Magic-Light Pictures and Merlin to change what was once the much-loved Bubbleworks ride at Chessington Park into a Gruffalo-themed water ride.

I was responsible for a lot of the AV work here, transforming Magic Light’s assets from Maya into the various themed areas, extracting models, tweaking animation and re-texturing and lighting. In some cases I created new assets, including matte-painted backgrounds and even hand-drawn animation. In addition I designed and modelled some of the theming needed to house the AV presentation.

Packages used were 3D Studio Max and Mudbox for theming, Maya and After Effects for animation work and Photoshop for just about everything.

The videos show;

  • A ride-through of the attraction, found on the internet
  • An earlier version of Axel Sheffler’s mouse artwork, which I animated in After Effects using Puppet Tools
  • A very early version of the entrance book, which I hand drew and animated in Photoshop and After Effects

A selection of design work for the actual, individual attractions is below