Way of the Dogg

From 2012, for just over a year, I was Art Director at Brighton start-up games studio, Echo Peak. Our remit was to make titles in collaboration with established recording artists and the first – and sadly last – of these was Way of the Dogg, with Snoop Dogg and 505 Games.

The premise was fairly simple, the idea was it was a narrative-lead rhythm-action game with combat elements and branching outcomes dependent on player choices (and skill).


Though the title was not without it’s flaws, and the project not without it’s problems, this was still one of my favourite things to be involved with. I was approached to replace the existing AD. As well as involving all the usual expectations – finding and hiring an art team, running them day to day, planning all aspects of production and liaison with the publishers the small team size meant that everyone had to lull their weight on all aspects of creative production.

Having established the look and feel (and developing the pipeline within Max and Unity to deliver an edged, cel-shaded look), I produced concept art for the environments to help guide the other artists.

Concept art – Pier environment
Concept art – Rooftop helipad
Concept art – the Pit

Around five or six of the environments, all built in Unity, I handled myself.

The majority of character were outsourced, so I only got to build one, the bent cop, Hollister.

Hollister model(Unity)

I even built and animated the GUI.

A few gameplay screenshots