Vodafone 5G Promotion

Seeper undertook some seed work on behalf of We Are Social to create a live, interactive promotion to sell the qualities of Vodafone’s UK 5G roll-out. The idea was to build a tech-based visitor portal in London’s Leicester Square. Seeper was tasked with the design of the attraction itself, installing any hardware and the software and content design. The idea for the form of the interactive design was developed in collaboration with We Are Social from an initial raft of proposals provided by Seeper.

While 5G itself wasn’t actually available in the UK at that point, we wanted to produce an attraction that would reflect the benefits of faster and more solid connectivity.

Sadly the proposal never went ahead in the end. Below is some of the work I developed for the seed stage.

This was the booth itself. Part of the promotion would have been to record footage of the event and make a shared video, including drone flyovers. To that end we wanted to reflect the Vodafone branding as much as possible.

A cylindrical structure had six LED screens embedded, to be running custom software allowing visitors to interact in a variety of ways with both their own feeds and those of other visitors around the structure (an earlier prototype considered multiple installations across the country allowing for real-time interaction in more remote locations.)

Finally, a couple of quick ‘n’ dirty mock-ups of the booth in context.