I’ve grouped a few examples of storyboarding together here for ease of access.

Boards to show clients beneficial uses of tech in a day to day scenario (for Etch in the US)

Storyboards to show the spread of fire at the Reichstag as a projection for Seeper/ Merlin

Storyboards for Merlin’s Room on the Broom attraction at Chessington World of Adventure (via Seeper)

Boards for a video for The British Heart Foundation, made by SeeThat in Brighton.

More boards for SeeThat

Boards for SeeThat for Euro 2

Boards for a video for Icelandic Air

Boards for Fircroft

Boards for British Gas

Coloured boards for Castrol – ooh, swanky….

Tech events for Somo, London.

Google event for Somo, London (I ended up designing the exhibition space as part of this process)

Modelez for Somo, US

NAM for Somo, US.

Audi for Somo, London

Goldman Sachs for Somo, London