Sealife Shanghai: Octonauts

In my capacity as Creative Lead at Seeper I had the very great opportunity to work with Merlin designing the part of the aquarium attraction for Sealife at Changfeng Ocean World, including the ocean tank.

In a wildly ambitious project, this part of the attraction was to be themed around Children’s IP, Octonauts, including a lab involving multi-player games (up to 30 participants) and a 360 degree ocean tank themed to look like the Octonauts HQ control room. Specially treated glass would allow for the exhibit to swap between a specially created episode of the franchise and a view into the tank itself, making a seamless presentation of the wonders of the deep.

On this occasion we only completed the Theme Book, so I couldn’t attest to the further success of the venture.

The following images show the storyboards for some of the initial show development

The following images show some of the theming development of the complex

Finally, here is the marketing video of the themebook work that I made for Seeper;