Hub Zero/ Dubai – Attraction Design

I worked with P.E.L. on a series of work to visualise and design theming for the Hub Zero attraction park in Dubai.

Initially contracted to provide paint-overs of the main, themed area (think Blade-Runner type dystopia), I was then retained in order to help develop and realise the specific theming for a number of the attractions themselves, including areas based on the I.P.s, Plants vs. Zombies, Gears of War, Final Fantasy and Dreamwork’s Turbo.

Paintovers were created in Photoshop over renders provided, all 3D assets were created and rendered in 3DS Max.

Various graphics and models were produced by and in collaboration with the frankly awe-inspiring David Wood and Mat Wells (links to follow). The graphics in Plants Vs. Zombies (other than official) were produced by Mat. The majority of finish, lighting and in the case of Turbo and Gears of War, all modelling are my own work.





Final Fantasy – 4D ride theming – 3D Design