Canary Wharf – sales suite (Seecity)

My first major project for Seeper was a hugely ambitious project involving projection-mapping and accurately scaled model of London’s Canary Wharf Estate. It was part of the sales suite on the 31st floor of One Canada Square and uses more than forty projectors to cover a model of the area that sits over fifteen square meters. Controlled by a tablet, the sales person can trigger one of a series of animated, projection-mapped sequences to help show the features of the area to prospective flat-purchasers.


I initiated and designed the initial technical pipeline that allowed us to get the content onto the model, and helped design the look and feel and run the team of around of a dozen freelancers that we drafted in to help us realise our ambition. I also liaises with the clients, provided early demos, trouble-shot technical issues as they arose, and helped with a significant percentage of the on-site mapping.

The content amounts to several minutes in excess of effectively 40K output, synced over multiple Hippo servers. All building content was obtained from scanned models, cleaned up and retouched. Lighting systems were added to represent day and night cycles and street lighting. There were moving vehicles travelling the road network. On top of all of this we added more playful content, showing things such as retail opportunities and various travel options around the area.

All this content then had to be UV mapped to a digital version of the actual model before the projectors themselves being installed painstakingly mapped on-site using the Hippo tools suite.

All said, it was many months of painstaking, long and often unproven work. The result is pretty spectacular though.

Early demo tests
Digital model for mapping
One of many, many, many UV sets

Early story board work